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UC Sunnydale's Common Room's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
UC Sunnydale's Common Room

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Life in her still [14 Jan 2003|10:25pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey everyone,

I really want to see this comm pick up again and I am convinced that there is goodness in her still. I need a Willow to play off of and willow_spellgal would be great if you could add her Riska. In the mean time lets see if we can't breathe a little more life in to uc_sunnydale.

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New RPG [14 Aug 2002|09:49pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey! I started a Scrubs RPG> There are a lot of characters still open! the comm is mysacredheart I have sites with scripts and pictures if you need em! I hope y'all will come check it out! We start tomorrow and thursday.

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[07 Jan 2003|05:45pm]

now that my internet is back and fully working...i was just wondering if spike is somewhere and he doesn't know where..or is he by himself somewhere in sunnyD?
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[01 Dec 2002|02:41pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I love this RPG and want to stay, but I can't do anything if you guys don't help me out a bit.
What's been going on and where do you guys want me in the storyline?
Anyone? *pokes* ;)

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Woohoo! Time to get this party started.... again! [30 Nov 2002|09:19am]

Ok, so I've been so so busy and this RPG has slowed down to, well, nothing. But it's time for that to stop! Kara's back in action and so is this RP. I love you all for putting up with me. Here's where we'll pick up:

Buffy and Pike are still together
Angel's still evil
Darla has a soul and loves Buffy and Angel
Sunday's dead

That's basically it. Feel free to get some new plot stuff going! Another big issue is that people have left and we have some slots to fill.
We need: Willow, Tara, Cordelia, Anya, plus any other new characters (Glory, Riley, whoever). If you know anyone interested, have them email me. Otherwise, I'll advertise!

Here are our current members. If you're on here and no longer interested please let me know!
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Been slow lately... [29 Nov 2002|03:41pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I agree that things just totally slowed down here. I noticed a lot of people dropped out, so maybe we should advertise in other RPG's that we have open spots for characters? Just a suggestion because this RPG was really getting fun and interesting, then all of a sudden stopped, lol.

I know everyone's been busy with school and life, and so that's probably why it's slowed down. But could we start up again?

I'll wait a couple days for responses and then I'll post under my character to see if I can spur things up again. I know I'm not the moderator, but it'd be a shame if we just let this community sit there doing nothing.

Thanks, guys!

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[27 Nov 2002|08:03pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I am so busy with all these other rpg's and school that I have to pull out! I love you guys and it was fun while I was here. And the fact being that I also haven't posted in forever.

Thanks for letting me be apart of the fun!


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[27 Nov 2002|03:21pm]

hey everyone... I am need some ideas at where the plot is going, it kinda really slowed down, which sucks, come on people I know you are creative...
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EEP. [20 Nov 2002|12:16pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

i'm so sorry i've been out of the game for so long... *cries*
shit's been going down w/ me, but i'm back and ready to partty.
could someone be a pet and give me a quick update of what's happened in the last... month or so? *hides*
i know pike's here, angel's evil (why?) and w/ vampwillow. I read the beginning on that Sunday-thing, but otherwise am completely confused.
so sorry!
can't wait to jump back in!!

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plottage [13 Nov 2002|11:01pm]

Ok so i mentioned earlier about my splitting angel idea.

I ran it by Angel and he liked it, as long as he could give me direction on what he wanted me to do with angel *that i can do*

lol so i wanted to see if this would be alright?

I figure Willow or someone would do a spell and then Angel would be split into Angelus and Angel

they'll think Angelus is gone for a while ... and he'll continue on his torture all spree ...

my username ofr angel is angelousoul
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New IM [11 Nov 2002|07:07pm]

Hey guys, I got tired of having people IM me, when i'm in my rpg zone. so i changed my name.

I was tired of the darla one, lol ... I play tons of characters, so i just picked Buffy ... lol cause who wouldn't want to be Buffy?

Anyways My new IM is Bronzed Slayer
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[10 Nov 2002|02:48am]

I'm really sorry, guys, I hate to do this to you, but I'm limiting myself. I've got to pull out of UC_sunnydale.

I hope you don't hate me.

Thanks for the fun while it lasted!

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So.... [09 Nov 2002|01:13pm]

Any ideas for Faith?? Also any ideas for the cousin from hell (Autumn)... Cause I am running kinda low on some good ones...

Anyway here are some characters I think we could "advertise" for...

Giles, Joyce, Anya

Some possibilities could be
Dawns friends, Dawns boyfriend, Riely, Oz, Anyone from the old high school...

Also I know that everyone posts alot of us more then others but Tara, Xander, dru, and all the ones that havn't posted in a week or so really should at least try, especially if they are being included in other peoples posts!! Cause we <3 you guys and miss ya...

So yeah... if anyone wants to chat or something my AIM name is Kissymyace...
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[09 Nov 2002|11:00am]

Hey guys! I just started a Harry Potter RPG. (yeah I'm hooked on RPGs now and I thought it would be interesting to do one other than the bajillion buffy ones i'm in) soif any of y'all are interested just let me know!
Characters taken so far : Hermione (me), Padma Patil and Ginny Weasley
the IC community is hogwarts_magic and the OOC one is commonrooms
That's about it!
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Okey I had a thought [08 Nov 2002|12:23pm]

Please respond to this, and no go if Riska says no go ... but i had an idea.

I was thinking to make it fun we could i dunno do some sort of spell to soul angel, only it splits him in two. So we'd have both Angelus and Angel ... I play angel in another rp and I'd love to take on either role depending on which one potus would want ... if this idea is even considered. That way would could still have the big bad Angelus cause he's just fun to have around, and also have softy angel ... we could even make angel human if you wanted.

But again that's just a thought, completely out of my head, for some reason when i was reading Angel's post, then the OOC posts ... yeah ... it came to me ..

As far as the Darla thing goes Angel - i'd rather her keep her soul, and the ring, but aside from that you could do anything you wanted, even make her a little crazy. I'm up for just about anything. My Im is ImaGIN2998 if you wanna talk plottage at anytime.

Also I play Vamp Buffy in one RP, and if you wanted to bring her in i could do that. Also I play Jesse ... from the first ep ... so if you'd want ...

anyways those are thoughts ... let me know .. If you hate it that's fine ... he he i swear me take no offense at all ... lol
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[07 Nov 2002|08:21pm]

sorry i haven't posted in a long while but i'm really really busy with the sunnydale_high RPG which just goes by really really fast so i gotta read that journal like every 5 minutes..but don't worry..i am reading the posts that are on the uc journal and i will make a post soon.

thanks for your time
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Question: Soul or not to Soul? [07 Nov 2002|03:22pm]

So...anyone know if a soul can be taken away from a vampire? Without a curse, that is. ;)

It's up to Darla, obviously, to answer this question...just an experiment Angel tried a few posts ago. I was hoping someone would solve it for me..

And what was the previous post tlaking about?!! Angelus problem? What Angelus problem?!! ;)
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[06 Nov 2002|01:35pm]

Hey all! I know I have no right to complain, but there are some people who haven't posted in forever! Ok, so I know Willow and Xander have both been busy and trying to catch up, which is fine. Infact I know the feeling! But Tara hasn't posted in a really really long time. If I don't see a post from her soon, I'm prob gonna have to find a new Tara! I hope she posts soon! Same thing with Dru- Dru is a great character and I'd love to have her post more. If I don't see a post from our Dru, I'll need to find a new one.

Also, I wanna get some new characters in. I could bring in my Giles if a plot comes about where I find it necessary. Any other characters you guys want to (a) be yourselves (I know we were thinking of killing off Sunday and making you Anya and Glory), (b) bring in from other RPGs, or (c) have me put out an ad for?

Let me know! Plus, I know we were talkin about possible solutions to this Angelus problems.... if you guys could post any ideas here, that'd be great!

You guys are the best!

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Must... Catch... Up.... [04 Nov 2002|01:59am]

[ mood | Struggling ]

I'm finding it really difficult to catch up! Can people kinda fill me in with important details so I'm not like a fish outta water?

I had midterms, then my car died and all kinds of awful stuff happened... but I'm back now...

AIM: witcwillow
e-mail: will_rosenburg@hotmail.com

keep me posted, keep in touch!


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okay okay [02 Nov 2002|06:48pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I'm going to make a real post after this... but I had to respond to the Angelus thing.

...I'm thinking Vamp Willow finds him... and finds him irresistable...


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