Darla (wicked_darla) wrote in uc_commons,

Okey I had a thought

Please respond to this, and no go if Riska says no go ... but i had an idea.

I was thinking to make it fun we could i dunno do some sort of spell to soul angel, only it splits him in two. So we'd have both Angelus and Angel ... I play angel in another rp and I'd love to take on either role depending on which one potus would want ... if this idea is even considered. That way would could still have the big bad Angelus cause he's just fun to have around, and also have softy angel ... we could even make angel human if you wanted.

But again that's just a thought, completely out of my head, for some reason when i was reading Angel's post, then the OOC posts ... yeah ... it came to me ..

As far as the Darla thing goes Angel - i'd rather her keep her soul, and the ring, but aside from that you could do anything you wanted, even make her a little crazy. I'm up for just about anything. My Im is ImaGIN2998 if you wanna talk plottage at anytime.

Also I play Vamp Buffy in one RP, and if you wanted to bring her in i could do that. Also I play Jesse ... from the first ep ... so if you'd want ...

anyways those are thoughts ... let me know .. If you hate it that's fine ... he he i swear me take no offense at all ... lol
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